Single malt whisky is a steel straight man in the spirits industry

Issuing time:2019-07-24 16:28

"Face to kiss beauty

With the opportunity to drink whiskey

Never hesitate"

- Hemingway

Hello, everyone. Today, we invite the pure men of the spirits industry - whiskey, and the famous steel straight man - single malt whisky.

Whiskey is one of the oldest and most varied varieties of spirits. It is possible to write several books in the region of the world (Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA, Japan...), the style of wineries across Scotland. It is also possible to hold half of the bookshelf. In other words, in a variety of dazzling whiskies, there are as many wines as pits:

"Please buy a barbecue with a beautiful woman. It is said that it is more difficult to match whiskey?"

"I am going, a three-page wine list! Just pick one..."

- Despised by the nightclub wine, was eliminated

- Volkswagen's eponymous whisky: blame me?

"Go to whiskey, full of wine on the wall, panic..."

“I heard that there is a peat smell for good wine? Have a heavy drink!”

- crying on the spot, harvesting the smile of the bartender

- Aile Island Producing Area: Blame me?

“Please buy it well, the longer the whiskey is, the more fragrant!”

“The customer is a wine tasting person, a single malt whisky for 20 years!”

"Right, I heard that I have to add ice to whiskey, or I am not forced?"

- Added a bunch of cola ice, customer huh

- Ice: Blame me?

Well, let's start with a single malt whisky today. By the way, the common sense of generalized whisky, of course, is to drink well, not to step on the pit, nor to force it.

drink whisky.jpg


Single malt VS reconciliation, silly and unclear?

First of all, make it clear that whiskey is not classified by type. Each whisky has its own unique flavor and character, only the preference or not, there is no distinction. Those who flooded the platform and touted single malt, low-wave and blended whisky, either copy and paste the keyboard man, or the X-road goods that have not been drunk.

“Single Malt” is a Scottish classification of whisky ingredients and is only available for Scotch whisky. The difference in raw materials makes the taste of whisky a world apart. The following is a simple division:

Single Malt Single Malt: Whiskey from the same distillery, produced only by water, barley malt, without adding other grains, by distillation. This whisky has outstanding personality, strong aroma and taste (required for steel straight men), and whisky lovers are always available.

Single Grain Single Grain: In addition to water and barley malt, other grains, usually rye, corn, etc., are added. Compared to the former, the aroma and taste of a single grain whiskey is more moderate and the personality is not outstanding. Most of the common bourbon in the country can be classified as a single grain.

Blend: Blended with at least two whiskies. This is the most common whisky on the market and the whisky that is best for getting started. It usually tastes soft and has no threshold.

All three will be clearly written on the wine label, and you must look at it before you buy it. Generally speaking, a single malt emphasizes personality (smoke, fruit, floral, peat, sea salt and other special flavors), and the balance is more balanced (multi-vendor, multi-class whisky superimposed rich taste), the difference between the two is like Red confidant vs. popular lover.

All in all, the taste and taste of a single malt is so strange that you will always find the flavor you like.

Chivas ice bucket.jpeg


Single malt whisky, what should you pay attention to?

The charm of a single malt whisky comes from its unique personality. This personality depends on the unique terroir and raw materials of the production area, and half depends on the technology and pursuit of the winery. There may be some ideas. Because of its "blood" is relatively pure, a single malt has become the most representative of whisky, if you want to study whiskey, you must look for it.

Let me talk about oak barrels first. For whiskies, the more the year is, the deeper it is affected by the oak barrels. You may have heard this:

Bourbon Bourbon: Brewing barrels from American bourbon. Bourbon buckets will only be used once in the US and will be resold to other places. The bourbon barrels give the whisky a light brown color with a floral scent, vanilla and citrus.

Sherry Bucket Sherry: Originally used by the Spanish to transport (not brew) sherry (mixed brandy wine) barrels, used by the Scots to avoid taxes, because whisky taxes are higher than wine. When the Scots discovered that the Shirley barrels made the whisky unique, the new way of brewing was born. The Shirley Barrel will add a rich fruity flavour to the whisky and the wine is reddish.

Single barrel: Single barrel: It is bottled with only one barrel of whisky. The taste is more original and usually numbered. A single barrel of single malt is a housekeeping of the major wineries, the price is not low - a barrel of wine can only be filled less than 500 bottles. When you drink enough enough one day, you will find that the taste of each barrel of wine is different.


It should also be said here that although the single malt is from the same winery, it does not necessarily come from the same barrel. Many single malts are also blended by the bartenders with whiskeys taken from different barrels in their own factories.

Getting started with a single malt, don't worry too much about the vat, try the best. Personally, time and skill determine the level of whiskey, and winemakers and blenders are the soul of whiskey. To put it bluntly, you must look for the winery.


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