U.S friend,a young buyer to ice bucket

Issuing time:2019-06-24 15:01

An US customer, has been working in China for about five years and is familiar with many of China's suppliers, but because our products are very attractive and the company's qualifications, customers have selected our factory from a number of suppliers, plant. I learned ahead of the customer's itinerary and started preparing the documents when the customer was ready to go to our factory so that the customer could better understand the different kinds of products of our company and then go to the subway station with the driver. After the customer to the company, our staff warmly at the door applauded customers, customers are very happy, then went to the sample room to understand the product, saw their own order of the ice bucket model, said his target price and quantity, after a Fan after discussion, the final turnover of 3,000 of our selling ice bucket.

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But also found that they have been looking for but we have not recommended the shiny coasters, the customer said at that time there will be 7,000 orders, asking for quotation, go back after the detailed offer to him, and then sent to him. Customers also saw our workshop, from the pipeline to the printing process and then to our packaging cartons and finished product quality, has been to our point of praise, that we will be satisfied with the quality and service, asked him to go back immediately to him Send PI, play money. Customer return when I bought him a ticket, send him to stop, and later to the customer after the destination to thank me, boast my service is good, the company colleagues are very warm, the most important thing is to meet his requirements, More cooperation.

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