Why is drinking in China more "happy" than in US,AU and IR?

Issuing time:2019-07-29 10:41

On weekends, I will leave behind all kinds of bad shit at work. In the leisurely afternoon, sit in the shade of the street and enjoy a cold beer with water drops.

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Happy like a fairy!

But do you know that people in many countries have no such "privilege" except China?

United States:

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The Open container law in the United States, which is often referred to as the "can open method." According to this law, you can't drink alcohol in an open place with an open alcoholic drink. At least you have to take a cover to symbolize it. If you don't have a drink, you will be issued a ticket by the police uncle, and you may go to court.

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However, the opening method is not the reason why you are eventually fined. That 100 knives, the penalty is your drunk driving - in the private car, as long as the opening of the alcoholic beverages, it violates the relevant regulations of the US drunk driving, you must be fined according to the lowest.


As one of the sources of whisky, Ireland does not have regulations at the national level, but it is still very strict with public drinking. (whether it is Ireland or Northern Ireland)

And unlike the United States, you bring a set outside the bottle, but it will attract the attention of the police - they will even check your drink bottle and smell the wine.

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However, they generally confiscate your wine. If you are not interested, you have to be noisy, you may be judged to be drunk in public, and the police comrades will have to send you into the game.

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In addition, Ireland has a logically clear law - after buying a wine at a licensed liquor store, it must go far to drink. If you drink alcohol within 100 meters of the store, you will be fined. Probably to prevent the alcoholic youth from staying in the door of the liquor store.


Australia’s drinking regulations are also extremely upset. There are many regulations and the penalty is heavy.

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In most provinces in Australia, drinking in public places is prohibited. Indoors, outdoors, in-car and public transportation are not available. Places such as beaches and parks are even more targeted. Once caught, the amount of fines exchanged for RMB has always gone to the top.

In addition, the licensed wine shop in Australia did not sell alcohol after 10 o'clock. The bar nightclub was not allowed to enter the hotel after 1 o'clock. After 3 o'clock, the whole country bought wine, and everyone chatted and ate.

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Of course, in addition to the above three countries, there are still many countries that restrict alcohol consumption. It also includes our China – but we have an 18-year-old legal age threshold, and we look at it. The families in the country seem to be not strict with this law.

In fact, in this world, countries that strictly control alcohol are much more lenient than loose countries.

Whether it is the legendary wine putty in Russia, the Central and South American spirits transfer station in Colombia, and even the whisky base in the UK, there are various detailed legal provisions on the place of drinking, sales qualifications, and even consumption time.

You see, many times, our Chinese alcoholic people like to vomit, what wine is hard to buy, fake wine, wine culture is not developed, and so on.

I don’t know the people of other countries, and I also admire the right to have a drink in the street park anytime, anywhere.

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