Which are the most popular in the whisky auction market?

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The two auctions SWA and WA are the largest whisky auctions in Scotland and the world (both online and offline) and one of the most profitable organizations in the whisky market. SWA charges 10% of the tax-free commission for the buyer, does not charge the seller, only charges 6 pounds of display fee and the settable reserve price; WA also charges 10% of the buyer does not include the tax commission, but charges the seller 5 % does not include tax commissions, display fees and guaranteed floor fees are similar to SWA. (The problem is, so is the buyer's commission charged, why is there a lot of high-value Italian bottlers' wines appearing in WA instead of appearing in SWA?)

The total number of auctions in both auctions has exceeded 6,000, and in the last auction before Christmas last year, SWA set a record for the largest number of auctions in the world of whisky with 9,547 lots. Each auction has a certain number of eye-catching items. The SWA uses the traditional high-value official bottling (OB) of the current high-end, and SWA has chosen Whiskyfun since last June (Serge Personal Wine Review Website). As well as the Whiskybase (including the scoring database), the high-scoring wine was used as the official announcement. For the first time, Samaroli's high score Bowmore 1966 was used.



Since we mentioned SA's Samaroli, let's take a look at some of the most famous wines:

popular whisky (8).jpg

Pomo 1966: The first appearance was at the end of June last year. The price of the auction was £51611 without commission (the prices are all without commission price, the currency is British pound). The appearance is about one centimeter below the neck. In March of this year, a poor quality water level was about three centimeters below the neck, the price was 32,500, and the same lot appeared in April and May, with prices of 35,500 and 39,000 respectively. Of course, neither of these prices went. Its reserve price, flow processing.

popular whisky (7).jpg

La Fouge 1967: The first time it appeared at the end of July last year, the price was 61000, the appearance was very good with Samaroli signature, and then in January, February and April this year the price was 32000, 26500 (not photographed), 21001.

popular whisky (6).jpg

Laverg 1970: July 7790, 17 years, August 7555, 18 years November 15000, 19 years January 9700, 19 years April 7311, have been filmed, the difference is not big.

popular whisky (5).jpg

Ord1962: July 1277, July 17th, 17th January, 1850, March 6500, April 5100 (the opposite is better), have been shot.

To sum up: the rest of the well-known Samaroli is also generally the same. It is not surprising that the appearance of a wine is unexpected. It is difficult for anyone to ensure that the wine will reappear in the auction. The information created by the old collectors who own these wines is asymmetrical, and the price of these wines is covered with a mysterious coat.

This involves a fundamental question about whisky collections, why do we collect them? There may be many answers. We can interpret them in future articles, but from the old wines of Samaroli, the collection is more like a small group of carnivals and small groups based on information asymmetry. The plunder. Why did WA start to promote high-altitude wine in June last year? The author remembers that in the first half of the 18th year, there was a "Whiskey Collection Dictionary" for sale, a work by a Frenchman living in Singapore, which was adored by Samaroli and the richness of its Samaroli collection was even more jaw-dropping. There is a famous saying in the luxury market: French brands, Italian crafts. This sentence is also in the whisky collection, there is also a charm.

If luxury goods are the illusion created by the upper class to the middle class to harvest middle-class leeks, is the Italian bottled whisky represented by Samaroli a kind of present in the new world of whisky?


Digital fascination

In a sense, people are irresistible to mystery. In recent years, some independent bottlers (IB) have been unable to disclose the name of the winery because of certain agreements. They are often referred to as “Speyside Region+Year”, and as Cadenhead’s recent Lagavulin named An islay. The former is really mysterious, while the latter is a real winery. In China, there are also some wines that are not named after the winery, but the characteristics of their winery are obvious, such as the 30 years of the solitary beast of Whisky L!

popular whisky (4).jpg

Another type of mystery winery, the Scotch Whisky Association (SMWS) wines (OB) are named after the numbers. In SMWS1.2, 1 represents the winery and 2 represents the batch. This series of wines has always been a high-profile category in the auction house. The author has a formula for estimating association wines. This formula is only valid for the “old” associations that were bottled before 2007, namely:

Brand* brand index + barrel year * year index + barrel length * non-fixed index = price

Among them, only the non-fixed index changes with the auction time, and the rest are fixed values. In recent auctions, the trend of rising non-fixed indices is obvious. This means that the old bottling SMWS is strong.

Summary: The numbers always bring people mystery.


game of Thrones

With the broadcast of Quanyou, the right to cut prices in the last month's auction showed a slight increase. The difference between the auction market and the stock market is that in the same auction, if there are multiple low prices, only the lowest price has a reference value.

popular whisky (1).jpg

The last option tour has a minimum of 360, and the minimum of 460 in this period is because the broadcast of the episode has a price impact on the set of rights, or because of the latest auction policy of SWA (the same new product, the first three) In the middle of the month, each person can only send one shot per month.

Summary: We will track the future of the right to travel, the author believes that the right to buy this wine is currently reasonable price, up and down will not be too high.


Yabo Drum Member Edition

popular whisky (2).jpg

Drum is a new wine, which is included in the new SWA policy. Each person can only shoot one bottle per period, but the one-hundred-per-one bottle of the first phase also shows the European people's enthusiasm for whisky investment.

Drum's price for two months is almost unchanged, and I tend to maintain Drum prices around 150 for some time in the future. However, this wine's rum style is weak, the level is average, it is difficult to become a short-term profitable product, but its 2,500 bottles of circulation and more and more whisky newcomers will make it have higher value-keeping ability. .

popular whisky (3).jpg

The rest of the membership version has shown a significant increase, Uganda member version even approached 1,000 pounds, the first version of the supernova member version is also sold at a high price of 650 pounds; and accessories (accessory a poster and an original bag value) More than 200 pounds) The complete Ardbeg Feis Ile 2011 is also sold at a price of 900 pounds. Perhaps in the future, the derivatives of the winery will also become the products that everyone is competing to buy.

SWA stopped auctions around the winery last year, and people had to go to the winery to buy the surrounding products of the winery.

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