The song of ice and spirits: Is ice cream and whiskey the official match with CP?

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The weather is hot on this

Drinking pure drink is a bit confusing.

The feeling of slightness is no better,

Put those hot, heartburn

Whiskey, rum, gin, pouring in the hazelnuts

It’s not an easy task

Unless you have a spoonful of sweet Mimi's "sugar-coated shells"

For example

Ice cream


Song of ice and wine

Come from the power, go to the masses

In the Roman Empire more than 300 BC, the nobles collected the snow from the Alps into the ice room, some for chilled wine, and another with honey and fruit to make a refreshing snack, to eat and drink in the mansion.

This is the extravagant lifestyle of ancient Greece and ancient Roman society.

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Next, we set the timeline a bit faster.

In 1553, the Italian Duchess married France, bringing the prototype of ice cream - frozen spice fruit cake.

Also in the 16th century, the Italians took the lead, and the French followed, spreading the cold and cold wines throughout Europe.

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In the middle of the 19th century, the ice machine was invented, and the ice was finally no longer a luxury. It entered the homes of ordinary people. The chilled spirits and cocktails became the fashion of Western society. The ice cream in the modern sense came into being.

At this point, the pairing of ice and wine finally came to the masses and began to be loved by the working people all over the world.

After that, it was out of control.

Think about it, on Friday night in the summer, what better way to cure people than a tank of ice cream and a bottle of whisky?

It is also a kind of enjoyable product that people can't give up. The complex flavor of ice cream and spirits has a big overlap:

Dark beer and rum grapes are already one of the most widely accepted ice cream flavors.

In a pure drink of whiskey, vanilla, chocolate and cream are also common flavors.

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Robert McKay Green Invented the ice cream float (ice cream) in 1874.

The version of the soda that replaced the Luxor beer became the iconic drink of St. Patrick's Day.

Then, various spirits versions of the float came into being.

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Oh, you guys, it’s more than one to eat.

In view of the fact that the masses of the people have fully exerted their subjective initiative and tied these two things together, the capitalists who are tempted by the wind certainly cannot fall behind.

For example, the ice cream started, Haagen-Dazs

Headed by Bourbon vanilla truffles, 7 ice creams with an alcohol content of 0.5% were released in March this year.

Another example is whisky, such as the Scotch Whisky Association, the famous SMWS

There are also 12 summer specials for single-barrel whiskeys with 12 flavors of ice cream.


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"Cool CP" for global spirits

There are countless possibilities for pairing spirits and ice:

Ice cream is rich in milk and soft and palatable;

Frozen yoghurt smashes the fashionable value while flaunting health;

The sleigh and smoothie without dairy products can highlight the strong flavor of the spirits.

But if I have to choose a cool CP for many spirits, I choose - Gelato

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No matter what other people think, Gelato is the national treasure of Italy!

It is an ice cream, but at the same time it can crush ordinary ice cream from the dimensions of taste, texture and health.

Compared to the ice cream ice cream you buy at the supermarket, Gelato contains a smoother, more fluid cream.

But its cream is less than normal ice cream, and the amount of pure milk is much more.

Gelato does not contain egg yolk and has a fat content of about 10% to 15% less than normal ice cream.

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Formulated with less oil and less cream, it doesn't make people feel "depressed", but also allows a richer flavor to be displayed.

In addition, Gelato contains less air and is thicker and tighter, which allows it to remain in shape 10 to 15 degrees above normal ice cream and is more easily blended with spirits – the freezing point of spirits is higher. Mixed with ordinary ice cream, it is easy to appear grainy and accelerated melting.

It can be said that it is a "cool CP" born for spirits!

Ice cream flavor

Adaptation report with different spirits

Of course, ice cream and spirits are CP, but they can't be matched.

There are so many kinds of spirits, some are sweet, some are heavy, and some have a strong special flavor. Only according to the characteristics of different spirits, choose the ice cream that is suitable for the best report.

Below is a summary of the adaptation of the world's three famous spirits and different ice cream flavors. Let's take a look at the wine, whisky, agave and which ice creams can make a delicious spark.

Gin + lemon


Juniper and citrus are the official match of the wine industry.

Based on the taste of these two strong "people"

A variety of herbal flavors have a stage to show themselves

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Lemon-flavored ice cream, which is too strong in its own lemon flavor, is softened by the creamy aroma. The juniper berries of gin and other compound herbal flavors inject a deeper taste into a single lemon ice cream.

You see, the unpredictable lemon ice cream, after adding gin, has become a three-dimensional flavor worthy of adult appreciation.

Peat + ice cream


Peat whiskey, the most unique taste of whiskey. It is also a marine smell, a smoky smell, and a taste that is completely unmaskable by disinfectant and peat.

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This kind of whiskey, if it is accompanied by a complex ice cream, feels like you are snoring in your mouth.

Therefore, in order to coexist peacefully with peat whiskey, you must ask for the simplest and most basic "black and white ancestors" of ice cream - chocolate and vanilla.

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As long as it is a better chocolate ice cream, it will taste a little bit of cocoa beans. Pairing with the same tough peat-flavored whiskey highlights the bitter taste of cocoa beans, the fusion of smoky flavors and chocolates, and the feeling of a “soul food” in the southern United States.

As for vanilla ice cream, it is known as “the world's most boring ice cream” when it is eaten. Combined with the marine-style peat whisky, the slight salty taste highlights the thickness of the cream and vanilla, and the boring vanilla ice cream turns into a Stylish salty water toffee.

If you are curious about peat whisky, but still have a little concern, it is better to try and enjoy it with ice cream, maybe it will be a precise Gateway.

Tequila +coffee


How to make coffee ice cream? This is simply a sub-question

The traditional way for Mexicans to drink coffee is to pour a tequila shot at the bottom of the cup, then add local coffee, as well as milk and the right sugar.

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Unlike the thick taste of Irish coffee, this coffee blended with tequila has a lighter taste. The tequila's acidity at the tip of the agave and the brisk citrus flavor are preserved in the coffee.

In addition, Mexico also produces tequila coffee liqueur, which is very popular.

Zhu Yu is in the front, the ratio of coffee ice cream to tequila is also more justified.

Of course, there are many combinations of ice cream flavors.

After all, such a hot day, hard old guns can not stop the temptation of that ice.

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