Do you know the world's eight great spirits?

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Winemaking is a very old craft, and people around the world have their own traditional winemaking techniques. Different raw materials and different brewing techniques have resulted in a colorful wine culture. The degree of beer is relatively low and most people can accept it. In the big family of wine, there is a kind of wine, which is called "spirit" because of its high degree. When you first taste the spirits, most people will be intimidated by its spicy, but the real "drinkers" who love to drink, like this high number of wine. Most of these wines are distilled spirits. Distillation is one of the key steps in the production of these wines and the key to obtaining high concentrations of alcohol. Let's take a look at the world's eight major spirits.

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Brandy is between 40 and 43. It is a kind of wine that is fermented with fruits as the main raw material. It is usually the majority of grapes. Generally, brandy refers to grape brandy. In addition to this, there are apple brandy, cherry brandy and so on. We usually hear “dry” and “XO”, both referring to brandy, but the meaning is different. Cognac is the production area of brandy, and the brandy produced in this area is the best. Only the brandy produced in the Cognac region of France can be called cognac. The “XO” represents the aging period of the original pulp wine, which is 12 to 50 years or even longer.

Whisky is a spirit made from grains such as barley. The alcohol content ranges from 40 to 60 degrees. Whiskey in Scotland and Ireland is the most representative of the two whiskies, the two have a long history of winemaking, and the issue of the origin of whiskey is also debated. The British love the whisky, calling it the "water of life." Whisky is now available all over the world, with different ingredients, crafts and tastes.

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Rum is native to Cuba and uses sugar cane as the main ingredient. The alcohol content is between 38 and 50. The color of the rum body can be either colorless or amber. Most people like pure rum, but there are also many people who like to use it to adjust cocktails. The famous Mojito and Free Cuba are cocktails based on rum. Since pirates in the Caribbean like this wine, rum is also called "pirate wine."

Agave is a wine made from a special plant called "Agave", which grows like a giant pineapple and matures in ten years. Agave is the national wine of Mexico. Most of the agave is from a small town in Mexico. This town is also called the agave town. Tequila made from blue agave is called Tequila. The famous "Margaret" in the cocktail is based on agave.

You may not be familiar with gin, but you may know if you say gin or gin. The gin was born in the Netherlands but was well known in the UK. The juniper is also added to the gin, which is made from barley malt, etc., which gives it a pleasant aroma. Gin is one of the most widely used base wines in cocktails.


Vodka is a traditional Russian wine, and Europeans have been drinking vodka for centuries. Vodka is also a spirit made from cereals and does not require storage. The traditional brewing is made from potato or corn, barley, etc., and the distilled wine can be as high as 96%, and the alcohol content after dilution is generally between 40 and 50. The "bloody Mary" in the cocktail is based on vodka.

Sake is the quintessence of Japan, drawing on the brewing process of Chinese rice wine. Sake is also colorless or light yellow, with rice as the main raw material, and the alcohol content is about 18%.

Do you know these wines? All the drinks have been drunks.

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